Lost Palate
Jonny Coffman’s Cancer Story

In December of 2017 Goose Island employee, Jonny Coffman, was told that he had an 8% chance to see 2019. His cancer had metastasized into his bloodstream, bones, and organs. His journey led to the creation of Lost Palate Hazy IPA, brewed by Goose Island, this is his story.

We once again teamed up with Goose Island’s internal team to tell this big and intimate story. Our involvement began with story development and creative direction then continued through the entire production and post-production process. We’re honored to be a part of such an important story, one of collaboration that brought all of us together. Thank you Jonny for sharing your story and Goose Island for wanting to produce such meaningful content.

Along with the full cut of the documentary short, we produced 5 teaser and 3 product spots meant to help promote the story and Lost Palate Hazy IPA beer.
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